Welcome to the Baix Empordà

 We had dinner at the restaurant, which is located in the hotel. They did a very nice job with the decoration, blending the old with the modern, giving the place a warm and homey atmosphere. The food and service were very good. Prices were very reasonable. If you're staying nearby at one of the coastal towns or visiting the Dali Museum in Figueres, it’s worth the detour to have dinner there.

Jessica G


Plaça Major, S/N
17214 Regencós




Un Sant Jordi per menjar-se’l la @trinigilbert parla d'assaborir el Sant jordi ara.cat/_50109ba2?s=t vía @diariARA
21 April 2015 20:22
La primavera nos trae muchos cambios! Pronto os anunciaremos cuando abrimos de nuevo! Estamos de reformas
16 April 2015 11:03

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