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Renovated tradition with Empordà character

Renovated tradition with Empordà character

Gastronomy in harmony with nature

Iolanda Bustos’s gastronomic offer is based on a cuisine with Empordanese roots, which has managed to transform, respecting the tast memory of traditional recipes, in subtle, fresh and digestive propositions. That radiates life, and the aromas of sunny days and Tramuntana emerge.

Gastronomy in harmony with nature

Iolanda Bustos’s gastronomic offer is based on a cuisine with Empordanese roots, which has managed to transform, respecting the tast memory of traditional recipes, in subtle, fresh and digestive propositions. That radiates life, and the aromas of sunny days and Tramuntana emerge.

restaurant La Calèndula

I consider myself a cook of the land, empordanesa of birth, committed to the environment, I like to create dishes that connect tradition with vanguard, mixing art and nature, rediscovering the value of the landscape and the richness of the raw material of our producers. My mission as a cook is that people love nature through their flavour.


With a long career as a chef, I put my soul as a host and sommelier in the room, in order to give the philosophy of Iolanda Bustos to our clients.

I consider important the Union of criteria and the synchrony between the kitchen and the rest of the sections of our Hotel-Restaurant. But especially the fact of linking the sensitivity and the effort of the kitchen that transmit our dishes with the treatment towards you.

Maître · Sommelier

restaurant La Calèndula

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restaurant La Calèndula
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La calèndula
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Hotel del Teatre **** Adults Only +14

The spectacle of nature in the heart of Baix Empordà, sleep, eat and drink in a unique landscape environment. Feel the historic beauty of a mid-EIGHTEENTH century site with the most modern comforts and services. The calm of a rural village, fields of cultivation, rice, vineyards and wineries, the massif of Begur, all next to the most blue and transparent coves of the Costa Brava.



La Cuina de L'empordanet

La Calèndula is part of La Cuina de L'empordanet, the group that brings together a wide group of professionals of the kitchen and the restoration that from the year 1995 works in order to promote the gastronomic quality of the territory and to identify the Empordà as a gastronomic destination of first magnitude.

Quermany Gastronòmic

La Calendula also forms part of Quermany Gastronòmic, a group of restaurants around the Quermany mountain. The Pahissa del Mas... With Jordi and M ª Rosa; Es Portal with Joan Carles and Laura; Sa Punta with Ivan and the Font brothers; Sol Blanc with Jordi and Sònia; Vicus with Damián and Gerard; Calèndula with Iolanda and Jacint. They share a landscape and a character marked by the plain of Empordà and the Costa Brava.

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